Costa Rica Las Torres

Apple, Brown Butter, Hazelnut, Chocolate
In southern Costa Rica, between the mountains Cerro Chirripo and Cerro de la Muerte, Regulo Urena Rojas works with his sons to produce some of the finest Costa Rican coffee we’ve ever seen. Though they’ve been growing coffee for three generations, it was 11 years ago when they decided to take it a step further and build their own micromill. As a result, the coffee that we bring to you today was not only grown by the Urena Rojas family, but also processed by them with the utmost care and attention to quality.

This batch from their mill, Café Rivense del Chirripo, is a blend of red Catuai and Caturra cherries, processed in the black honey method. For those of you unfamiliar with this process, there’s good reason. Black honey processed coffees are costly and labor intensive to do right. The method requires a good amount of sugary mucilage to be left on the seed, then for the seeds to be subjected to a long and slow drying time on shaded raised beds. During this drying time, there must be someone constantly monitoring the beans to avoid over-fermentation. The end result is an impressively sweet, full-bodied coffee that tastes like nothing else you’ve ever had. As much trouble as it is to process coffee in this way, it’s worth it.

Lucky for us, at the Ureno Rojas mill, they specialize only in the black honey and natural processing methods. With a focus this specific, we know that every bag of green coffee we get from them is going to live up to our expectations. Our experience of this coffee is big, bold and bright. It has a deep, sweet, brown butter aroma and bright malic acidity that ranges from tropical to apple depending on the brew method. Pairs well with pie and a cozy sweater.

Region Information

Country: Costa Rica

Farm: Las Torres

Altitude: 1,500 meters

Production Method: Black Honey