Colombia Norberto Bravo

White Tea, Lychee, Violet, Sumac, Maple

In December, Ben and Adam took a train to New York City to cup some delicious microlots from Colombia. In doing so, they had a chance to meet Tyler Youngblood of Azahar Coffee and hear his story. Tyler is doing great work to increase the transparency of coffee sales in Colombia, and we’re so proud to become a part of this effort with our most recent offering.

This coffee brews an amazing cup. The sugar browning portion of the roast resulted in a deep maple-like sweetness that provides a solid foundation for delicate white tea and lychee notes to build on. The acidity is a bright sumac, and it finishes with juicy violets.

Read more about Tyler and his work in Colombia in our journal.

Region Information

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1,600 meters

Varietals: Caturra

Production Method: Washed